28 March, 2010

Headless chicken

Not a dish I cooked at the course. Just the way I've been over the last couple of weeks. In brief and with the hope of expanding and expounding on all this in due course I have:
  1. Chilled out about school and also started to volunteer more to do stuff
  2. Been to two more lessons at Kitchen on Fire - stews and braises followed by saute-ing and stir-frying (or steer frying as our French chef puts it)
  3. Had two parent conferences about the girls who are bright and clever and well-behaved and quiet and generally delightful which has helped (see 1 above)
  4. Been on two school trips in one week
  5. Been to two great parties in one weekend in the Mission
  6. Found a babysitter which means we get to go out
  7. Taken delivery of two jetlagged but recovering grandparents who are at present asleep after yet another busy in day in SF, and preparing for the next. 
  8. Watched Vertigo again, which is a great SF movie as well as being a great movie.
  9. Bought flights home for a month in the summer.
  10. Picked up our tax returns from the accountant. 
  11. Taken possession of several big pictures for our walls to complete the finishing touches to our home.
  12. Wandered around the Japanese tea garden in Golden Gate Park
  13. Picked up a massive 7-seater car, ready to take us south to Monterey for the day tomorrow.
As I said, more later. But right now, bed.


Soilman said...

LOVE Vertigo: one of my top 3 movies of all time. Also the main thing inspiring our trip to SF in June. I'm desperate to see some of the SF scenes in the movie. I guess you now know where they were all shot?

Eliane said...

I do thanks to various helpful websites. And you can still see lots of the places pretty much unchanged.