03 July, 2010

My own mural painters

The girls went to summer camp this week. I grew up thinking that summer camp was actually going away from your parents to some wilderness where you learned all sorts of outdoorsy type things and ate undercooked sausages and marshmallows by the camp fire. Actually it is childcare for the summer. You can have all sorts - the general and the specialised activities. We didn't sign up for much as I don't work and so can do the childcare stuff myself. But the Precita Eyes camps caught my eye as E and L love to paint and so I signed them up for an afternoon camp to learn to paint murals. (Precita Eyes is a local arts organisation which runs tours of the murals of the Mission District, collaborates on many murals and runs art courses for both adults and children.)

I was a bit surprised to find that it was a very exclusive summer camp - just my girls and lovely boy aged between them. Possibly the recession is to blame as the course itself was excellent. The girls had a fantastic time and my house is filled with new artworks - corn husk dolls, stained glass windows, clay models, drawings, a green and red dragon puppet - and they all collaborated on a huge mural over the course of the week.

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