27 January, 2011

Guest post: Dump field trip by Emilia, 8

Rooms 312, 310 and parent volunteers went to a dump where all the recycling, trash and compost goes.

First we arrived and had a long talk about where it all goes. Two people tried on a plastic overcoat and dress. They were made of recycled materials.

Next we went to see a artist who showed us the start of her old wood porcupine house. She talked about it and then we all went to see the dump where all the black bin goes.

We saw a truck put lots in and we saw a lot of things shouldn't be in there. It was VERY smelly!

After that we went to see a very nice sculpture garden where artists had used old recycled materials to make amazing pieces of art.

After that we headed back for snack. Then we got back on the bus and went to the recycling centre where we climbed more stairs and watched recycling being sorted. After a few minutes we went back to the bus, drove to a nice park, ate lunch and played games on the slide and play structure. Then we went back to school We had had a very interesting and fun field trip.


Nicki said...

Great post Emilia - and no spelling mistakes either! Sounds like a very interesting day and the photos were good too - did you take them? Looking forward to when you and the family visit next year, much love Nicki x

mountainear said...

Well done Emilia - good post. Scary thought that all that stuff has to go somewhere. Hope somewhere is big enough........

bopper pye said...

What a great post. I live in San Francisco and this post made me want to take my kids to check out the dump, too!