06 February, 2011

Coit Tower... finally

We have been meaning to go to Coit Tower since we got here. But somehow, life just got in the way. New Year's Resolution - do more touristy things in San Francisco. After all, we may not be here much longer. A year and a bit. And we still have places to see - Alcatraz, Mt Tam, the Presidio amongst others. And Coit Tower.

This is a rather austere looking tower which tops a hill on the north-eastern corner of San Francisco, close Embarcadero, up the hill from North Beach, and named Telegraph Hill. The Tower was built to "beautify" the city. I think it's a little austere for that but it is certainly a landmark with great views and the added bonus of 1930s murals with a bit of political bent.

We walked up to the tower from Embarcadero, climbing lots of steps past some lovely houses with damp and lush gardens and gorgeous views of Treasure Island, the Bay Bridge and Berkeley/Oakland beyond.

Of course you can drive up. I don't know why I was surprised to find a very large (for this small hill) car park at the top - I've lived here long enough now. Walking is more fun. We couldn't go to the top of the tower - lift was out of order.

But we did wander around the base and look at the murals. I think this period is my favourite in America's past - not that I actually know that much about it. But my favourite films were made then, and I like the look of FDR and a time when people weren't afraid to be radical and join unions or even the Communist Party. The murals are very much of that time I think. 

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Alison said...

When I spent a year in Paris, a friend and I each wrote up a list of things we'd like to see or do. Each Wednesday or Saturday we'd get together, choose something we had in common on our lists and do something touristy. I still have my list today! Maybe this would be a good approach for you and your girls--a semi-regularly scheduled tourist jaunt.