21 February, 2012

An email from our classic car loving (and sadly to be disappointed) friend

Dearest Eliane and Tom,

I am quite certain that by the time I have completed this e-mail both of you will have come to your senses. It is indeed important to have the proper ride for your family while completing a trans America tour (safety, efficiency, comfort should all be considered). Thus I will be expecting Tom to pick me up for a test drive in your new automobile. I am available any time after 6:00pm by appointment.

It feels great knowing that your American tour will be in one of the best damn American made cars ever, the Impala. I can now rest easy knowing your time will indeed be everything that it promises to be.

If by chance, Tom, you have not completed your purchase of the Impala, get to fucking work, man. As to safety, efficiency, and comfort all will fly out the top of the kick-ass rag top Impala. As to the temperature in Montana in May, you are English for god's sake (and if Montana in May is not warm enough then try Nevada, in an Impala it is just a couple of hours away) Just imagine … 40 years have passed and the girls are now regaling someone with stories of their trip in a Hyundai … just does not work. Now try the Impala, ah yes that is it.

Brian (made in America and proud of it)

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