20 February, 2012


This morning I was lying awake wondering if Tom was awake enough to talk to about the car. Poor Tom. He hates doing this kind of thing, but in this case, he really has to be the one to do it. So I rolled over and mumbled something about could he please start thinking about this as it's been worrying me.

And lo and behold, this afternoon our car is parked outside our house.

Big thanks to My Car Guy SF without whom this kind of quick decisive action would not have been possible. Also thanks to my long-suffering mother who took a call after supper and spent time looking for paperwork to photograph and email it to me.

What did we get? I wish I could say it was this car. I know at least one man who will think we should have got this car. There has been much (drink-fueled) discussion amongst the blokes of our acquaintance in San Francisco who think we should have a classic Cadillac or equivalent with lots of chrome and a seat you can slide across on, and no doubt the Beach Boys on the radio. But I want to know that we will  get across America, and that we will be warm inside our car in Montana in early May. So we got a whoppingly large SUV. Oh the guilt! Still, it seems very comfortable for our long trip and has a huge boot/trunk for all our stuff.

So that's one big task done. I do love my decisive husband.


Alison said...

Well, in your favor, you really couldn't say you had the full-on American experience without driving (and parking, and gassing up) an SUV, right?

Now all we need is a picture of you sitting in it in front of a WalMart. Then you can return home fulfilled. :)

Eliane said...

Yup! We drove into San Francisco in a truck and we're driving out in an SUV - can't be more American than that.

who said...

I am sure it was hard to not get the Messenger's owner's mother's Impala, but you have to get the vehicle that will suit your needs, esp if traveling cross country.