12 February, 2012

Reflections on our San Franciscan adventure

What I should be doing is sorting through stuff. Again. OMG as Millie would say. This is the third time we've moved in 5 years. I don't seem to be any better at minimalism than I was back in 2007 in London.

Anyway. Displacement activity - reading posts I wrote in the early autumn of 2009 when the San Franciscan adventure was about to start and reflecting on what we actually did as opposed to what we thought we'd do.

And the main thing I have done since I got here is make friends. I didn't learn Spanish or brush up my French. I took lots of photos but no course. I did some gardening at school. I took one cookery course which served to teach me that I like to cook alone and actually already know quite a lot. And yes, I volunteered at school. But mostly I made friends. Lots and lots of friends.

Modern life - friends on three continents. Missing someone somewhere all the time.


Oanh said...

I like that description: Missing someone somwhere all the time

Very true of my life, too, now.

Crazy Awesome Plan sounds great: good luck!

bopper pye said...

I haven't moved much but most of my friends have, so "missing someone somewhere all the time" really resonates with me as well.
I am jealous of your plan, have a wonderful time!!

Nicki said...

HI Ellie, your Nova Scotian hostesses are already very excited about the visit of the Wigzell-Whites - and yes missing someone somewhere all the time just about covers it! Even though I've been back to the UK twice since Christmas I still don't get time to see everyone.