15 March, 2008

Wet Wales again

I had such plans for this weekend. Digging, planting potatoes, sowing grass, etc. But instead it is pouring, the garden is a sea of muddy patches and I have a head cold. I did manage to put in my early potatoes. In this case they are Orla and I am hoping that when harvested I can reuse that bed for courgettes and maybe a squash. I do have a lot of space but most of it is such heavy digging that it is taking me ages to get it to a fit state to cultivate. And who knew plants needed space to grow? I think I may have to curtail my ambitious plans and go for a lot of variety but not so much in terms of quantity. So this afternoon, more seeds indoors I suppose. Now I just have to negotiate some space on the kitchen table which is currently occupied by small children and husband and lots and lots of glitter.

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