25 November, 2008

It's cold

Tom's cold and I am too so we've had a slight change to the no central heating regime. The mornings are just too chilly and I have a choice between getting up at 6ish to get the fire going before the children emerge, or turning on the heating for an hour or so to get the house warm first thing. Sorry but I just like my rest. No heating the rest of the day though. And I shall be watching oil consumption versus electric heaters with my nifty Wattson and seeing which is best for energy use/cost.


Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Yes I know, so cold, and so debilitating somehow. When we turned our heating on for a tiny amount of time per day it cheered me up no end. Soft, I know.
It is good to have some sense of how hard life was for our forebears and it is also good to be accept that we should not go around wearing tee shirts inside in winter but how and where to draw the line is a constant problem. I find cooking is good because it warms the kitchen very nicely!

Don said...

How cold is cold? Do you have water pipes that may freeze? It gets down into the -9C here in MIchigan in November. We have a propane forced air furnace, and I keep our house thermostat at 62F and use a woodstove to warm us up.

I think I am the softie compared to you and Elizabethm!

Eliane said...

-9??? You are not a softie. It was -1 last night, and we had a frost the night before. But it hasn't been -9 for years and years. Really we live in a very temperate climate, nothing like the States. So we're not that hard living without central heating, are we, elizabethm?

Ruth said...

Yeah but it still feels cold inside if you have the heating off. I'm Don's wifee by the way. He told me I had to come see you and be inspired. So I did, and I am.

He just said we have to order some green Wellies from over there now, for the green barn.

Eliane said...

Wellies. Such a British thing! If it's minus 9 where you are you should think about lined ones or warm wellie socks too. People round here live in theirs and nowadays they come in lots of interesting colours and patterns - they don't have to be green unless you have big feet like me.

Thanks for being inspired! BTW saw your pictures of the chickens the other day - gorgeous, especially the white ones.