09 December, 2008

A couple of clippings for you

It's worth heading over to The Guardian today to see this year's carbon atlas. And if you do, have a look at this on Oliver Postgate, the man behind Noggin the Nog, Bagpuss, Ivor the Engine and the Clangers, who died yesterday. I was a Clangers girl. Tom is a Bagpuss boy. How about you? And why don't they make magical programmes like that anymore? Ones which tell stories in soft quiet compelling voices and take you places you've never been, and can make you feel happy in a sad kind of way. Thank you, Mr Postgate.


Nicki said...

I was a clangers girl too Ellie - did I ever tell you about a drunken evening with Patrick Moore watching clangers videos? That man makes a mean martini and he LOVED the clangers. They kind of made me feel all protective (still do!) - fancy a skype somtime?

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

i was a Noggin the Nog and Ivor the Engine fan. Ivor might even be partially responsible for my living in Wales. Oliver Postgate's voice was just magical. In fact now I have got started I was a Bagpuss fan and a Clangers fan too. he was superb.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I am afraid it took me a while but I have responded to the six things tag, interesting might be a bit strong though!