09 December, 2008

The Wattson effect

Since Wattson began to make his presence felt, we are all busily turning stuff off. The other day I looked at the readout and thought, something is on that shouldn't be but was damned if I could work out what. Finally after much hunting around, Tom realised I'd left the utility room lights on (there are at least 7 down there for different areas of the labyrinth). The girls are getting good too. Mind you, I was a bit worried to find our energy use went up in week two, instead of down but I think we're still getting used to our not-much-central-heating policy, and it has been bloody cold lately. On Saturday, Tom and I had a seemingly endless conversation and analysis of whether the not-much-central-heating policy would in fact save us money based on our negligible data from Wattson, our estimate (doubtless hugely inaccurate) of how much wood we burn and the cost of the oil we use. Pick a number, any number, would sum up the results.

Meanwhile, yesterday I made chicken stock on the wood burning stove. Which was strangely satisfying. Food with no additional energy use.

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