16 April, 2008


Apparently I'm not alone when it comes to dressing-gowns or, as David Lebowitz has it, robes. Personally I can't stand the ones you get in hotels as they are too short. You have to have a long long long dressing-gown, something soft, warm, snug and luxurious. Those short things that men wander around in are not what I have in mind. Anyway, he's dead right about hating having to dress for breakfast.


G said...

I always enjoyed Sean Connery in a short dressing gown. Not sure which Bond film I'm thinking of. Maybe I'm just imagining it.

But not that nasty baby blue terry cloth thing he wore by the Miami hotel pool in the early part of Goldfinger.

Eliane said...

Well I reckon Sean Connery is to be enjoyed in pretty much anything... but sadly it's not usually Sean Connery, is it?

G said...

No. No it isn't. Sigh.