06 May, 2008

First harvest

I am unreasonably excited about this. Yesterday and today we have eaten something I grew.



Top are mixed leaves from finally getting around to thinning out my first lettuces and as that didn't provide enough, I also picked some dandelion leaves which are abundant in our patch. Bottom are the radishes, eight of them, which were delicious though I think someone else had thought so too as there were a few nibble marks on some of them. Hardly self-sufficient in quantity I know but I am still excited.

I'm not sure there'll be anything else to eat for a while but the weather is so glorious and looks like it isn't going to freeze again, so I have planted two courgette plants out and a squash. Everything seems to change overnight right now. It's all very gratifying and I may even be feeling a little smug but I daren't as something is bound to go wrong.

1 comment:

G said...

That must be a great feeling, to eat what you have grown. I don't think I've ever experienced it, being a - for now - city slicker.

The radishes look so beautiful. I can almost taste their peppery crunchiness.

Well done! :)