22 May, 2008

I know I've said this before

but I'm not in Hackney now. Saturday we headed off to the Royal Welsh Smallholder and Garden Show. And saw lots of sheep.

Quite a few pigs. The odd goat. Some miniature ponies and donkeys (note the rather tentative brushing going on by daughters).

Some alpacas and llamas. Ate lots of fantastic cheese. Watched a man and his dog herd Indian Runner ducks. Seriously considered beehives and chickens - well for a minute or two. Actually the neighbours and landlords got as far as buying books on chickens so they may go further. It was a pretty big agricultural show by my standards (23,000 visitors in 2 days) - well I've only been to the Alwinton show when young which is an autumn show deep in the Cheviots and all I can now remember is the welly-tossing and gurning. There were probably sheep there too. Anyway apparently the summer event is huge. Really huge. Over 200,000 visitors in 4 days. Which I'm not sure I can imagine. I mean that's just the people. How many sheep, cows and alpacas go?

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vegmonkey said...

Looks fantastic! How long before you have a couple of chickens and some goats? :)