14 August, 2008

Potatoes and Squash

We're on to the maincrop potatoes now. I'd completely forgotten which ones went where (a familiar story) but I think I'm currently digging up the Desirée rather than the Arran Victory. They certainly look like that and they taste lovely. I could use a few more per plant but I think that we could have dug a few more rocks out first and let the poor things have a bit more room.

Next year I'm definitely growing Charlotte and Desirée again. Not sure if I'll have enough room for anything else. I can see more beds being dug but may have to negotiate if I want Tom to help.

Meanwhile, I have one prize squash (Marina di Chioggia) growing. Well not prize exactly as I suspect they have to be truly enormous to justify a sofa or television. However, this is currently swelling up well which is I think because it is about two feet up in the air. It's on the wrong side of the fence - hope the neighbours don't invoke the overhanging branches rule of gardening and snaffle it up!


Anonymous said...

I grow these maincrops most years. Arran Victory makes wonderful mash and also terrific chips. Desiree's just brilliant for everything.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Our best this year has been pink fir apple. Really great small salad type potato but a maincrop. Will certainly grow even more next year. I am feeling some sympathy with your one below about slugs and snails. I am under serious caterpillar attack and have been out squashing (sorry if you are of a sensitive disposition!)