12 June, 2009

A big week in this house (and Silicon Valley)

@tom_e_white autographing his book for fans at #hadoopsummit09 on Twitpic

Tom's book finally arrived here on Monday to much excitement from me, the girls and the neighbours, but not Tom who was somewhere over Greenland at the time heading in the opposite direction. So it was a couple of days before he got to see a copy, although I expect he saw lots as they were included in a conference pack. Hence the autographing moment captured above.

Needless to say, we are all very proud of him. Not going to read the book, or at least not more that I already have, which is probably too much considering it's mostly written in gobbledegeek. But we do like the page that says "For Eliane, Emilia and Lottie".


Anonymous said...

That's very sweet.

I proof read my partner's PhD, also in gobbledegeek (there were occassional: Me: Is that a real word? Partner: Yes. Me: In a dictionary type real word? Partner: Er, no. Jargon. Me: Harrumpf) and therefore did not even open his final bound version ... in which there was a lovely acknowledgment to me that I did not see until months later when his mum said, "Oh and the thanks to Oanh was really sweet." Apparently, everyone reads the acknowledgements except for me. Oops.

mountainear said...

You've read the best bit then?